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D20 System

    I have been quite impressed with the d20 system. Donít get me wrong. I started out with the original system, then AD&D, then 2nd Ed. This system has gone back to a more intuitive style. Although I will occasionally play a 2nd Ed. game, I tend to now only play 3rd Ed. When it first came out I was a little dismayed (mostly because I had spent so much time, energy, and money on 2nd ed.) There is now a gluttony of material for the d20 system some good, much crap. If you are putting out good material, I thank you. If you are just jumping on the bandwagon of the Open Gaming License by doling out the crap, then please STOP! I donít want the d20 system to be flooded with bad materials and fluff just to say that you were the first to have this book or that out.

d20 Resources on the Internet
I am putting together a collection of many of the most useful resources for DMís and players.

d20 System Information from the OpenGamingFoundation -- this site includes basic information about what is necessary to use the d20 open gaming license. -- Excellent information on the d20 system. 

EN World -- This is an extensive site for information on d20 gaming and resources.

Community 3E -- Another extensive collection of 3rd Edition resources.

Flat Earth Games -- This site has lots of good information, but isnít limited to d20. It also includes many AD&D 2nd Ed. resources as well.

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