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Tabletop Games

As I find enjoyable (to me anyway) tabletop games, I will provide informative and useful links and discussions.

Games Workshop - Makers of Warhammer and Warhammer 40K, they are now introducing the Lord of the Rings Tabletop battle game. So far it looks very interesting.

Out of the Box Publishing - Makers of some really AWESOME party games. Apples to Apples is a terrific game; be sure to check it out. Winners of many game design awards.

Car Wars - From Steve Jackson Games, this is the original shoot em up demolition derby from  hell.

BattleTech - Arguably the original Mech battle game (yeah, yeah I know you RoboTech fans are out there...I was a fan too, but BattleTech REALLY propelled the miniatures gaming system), this system is nearly gone except for cyberspace. This is a terrific resource for B-Techies.

Avalon Hill Games - Developers of many of the most cerebral games Ive ever played, they disappeared for a while only to be recusitated by Hasbro. If you can find any of the original AH games, many are well worth it. BUT, be prepared for extensive rule books and setup times for these sim-scenario and historical reinactment games.

Mage Knight - Yet another miniature driven tabletop wargame. Many of their figures are terrifically detailed however. Ive seen it played, but personally never played it.

D&D Chainmail - The recently introduced Chainmail miniatures game system is WOTCs vision of tabletop fantasy wargames.

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