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Various RPG's

Dungeon & Dragons may have been the first, but it is definitely not the last. Here are a few really good RPG game systems.

GURPS - By Steve Jackson games, this system has been around for a while. Iíve played many games in this system, but do not currently. Be sure to check out DEADLANDS!!

Cthulhu - HP Lovecraft styled horror. This is a terrific game thatís been around for a while. If anyone ever runs a Scooby Doo Cthulhu game, be sure to join in. Also, look for the d20 Cthulhu scheduled for March. This will be a partnership between Chaosium and Wizards.

Little Fears - By Key20 games, this is by far one of the coolest new games out. Little Fears is the role-playing game of childhood terror. Do you remember being afraid of the things in the closet and under the bed. Well, they were real, you just donít remember that part. Kids are on their own to defeat their fears. This game is very cerebral. Players MUST be in the proper mindset to play this game. If you can manage to get your players in that proper mindset (of being kids) you can have an AWESOME game. Be sure to check this one out!

Feng Shui - From Atlas Games, this is a Hong Kong action film style game. Very fun with a good DM and imaginative, pro-active players.

Furry Pirates - Also from Atlas Games, this is piracy on the high seas with Furries. If you donít know what furries are, then you better check out  This game uses a very simple system.

7th Sea - More Pirates - I love pirates! This is a terrific game!

Legend of the Five Rings - Called L5R by those in the know, this is an excellent game system of oriental styled adventure role-playing.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten - All Flesh is a roleplaying game set in a world of survival horror. A world where the dead have come back from the grave and they crave flesh.. (Think, Night of the Living Dead) This is a really fun game. If you find it, get in a game.

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