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Games & Gaming

“Whose game was empires and whose stakes were thrones,
Whose table earth, whose dice were human bones.”
--Lord Byron

Here you will find information and links to many games and game systems.

  • DRAGONSTAR, DRAGONSTAR, DRAGONSTAR This new game is awsome. We are now running a new campaign called DEEPSPACE in this game setting.
  • I currently am playing in a d20 game campaign in the world of Palislantel. Be sure to check out that section to read about our adventures.
  • I have information on a few tabletop wargames.
  • In the section on Various RPG’s you will find information on the world of RPG’s that aren’t owned by WOTC. There are some good ones out there.

Role Playing Gamers: A Short Rant
by Tod Underhill
    I think that it is a shame how poorly gamers are looked upon by much of society. I would hope that there are others who feel as I do and would work to help improve our image as a whole. Discourage, when possible, those who are “fitting the stereotype.” There are those of us who lead professional lives outside of game days and cons. There are doctors, lawyers, bankers, engineers, and educators. Yes, there are those of us who don’t fit the stereotypes. I also understand that gaming is a hobby often taken up by those seeking some relief from reality. They have terrible  jobs (or no jobs), they may be poor college students looking for some type of cheap evening entertainment (chips, sodas, and some borrowed books) ...they may just be the misunderstood.
I am aware of all this.
But come on people: DON’T RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE!

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