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Great Western Trip

The Department of Human Movement Science & Education at The University of Memphis is proud to again offer the Great Western Trip 2002.
This is a 30-day study tour of national parks of the Rocky Mountain West and Canada July 6 to August 4, 2002.

Begun back in the 1970ís, the Great Western Trip has introduced numerous students to the history and culture of the west. This year the tradition continues. Prepare yourself for a 30-day adventure.

The following courses are offered in conjunction with the Great Western Trip 2002:

SLS 3205 Area and Facility Management (3 credit hour)
SLS 3103 Outdoor Recreation and Education (3 credit hour)
SLC 7653 Managing Leisure and Sport Areas and Facilities (3 credit hour)
SLC 6102 Workshop in Sport and Leisure Commerce - Outdoor Recreation Based Tourism

Cost of the trip is approximately $2500.


For more information:
Contact Dr. Stan Walls at 678-3477 or
Dr. Mike Huffman at 687-2474 .
Permit required for enrollment.

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