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Pure Recreation!

Happy New Year 2002.
Well, weíve made it through another year and what a year it was. Way too many people need to partake in some good oleí recreation and leisure.  I think that is one of the things that makes America the greatest nation in the world. We understand recreation and leisure. We have national parks. We have amusement parks. We have public golf courses. We play every sport known to man. Americans go camping; we hunt and fish; we run (for enjoyment, not because we are being chased), we swim. We lavishly spend money on things that have no other purpose than to provide enjoyment, amusement, and fun. We gather with friends to watch sports on television while enjoying beer and pizza. We watch movies and television and we dream. This is what makes America great.
So raise a glass and welcome in the new year. It is a new year of hope and promise.
Then, go out and recreate!

Whatís New!!

01/21/2002 -- No we havenít been sleeping. Actually weíve been extremely busy. Weíve started a new d20 game campaign in the brand spankiní new system Dragonstar by FantasyFlight Games. This new game system rocks! Dragonstar is DnD plus space and cool tech gear. For this new campaign, I have added an entirely new section called DEEPSPACE. This area is definitely worth watching.

12/29/2001 -- Very Cool! Iíve added a public forum to the Palislantel page. This will allow a discussion of the campaign world. Also, I added a single line to the recreation page just to let you know what the heck is going on there.

12/20/2001 -- Iíve added a new site section for the University of Memphisí Great Western Study Tour for the Summer of 2002. It should be an excellent trip. If you are in the Memphis area and are interested, be sure to check it out. It is also being offered in conjunction with UM Continuing Education.

12/19/2001 -- Many changes. Made modifications to site navigation. Updated various meta-tags. Added sections under Outdoors and Recreation. Working on adding information about federal, state and local parks. Did major work on Memphis sports sections. Included a section to become homes for Memphis recreation. Cleaned up a couple of gif image errors.

12/18/2001 -- Added the game All Flesh Must Be Eaten to the RPG page.

12/17/2001 -- Iíve added information to the Tabletop Games, and Various RPGís sections of the site. Iíve fixed the link to Brutorz Bill; thanks BB. Iíve started compiling my information for my outdoors section and  have only added a couple of sites to peruse. In the meantime, be sure to visit the U of M Great Western Study tour site. I will be going on this tour next summer as faculty and it should really be a great trip.

12/13/2001 -- New Site Up and FINALLY Running. Yeah!!! It isnít exactly how I wanted it, but it works and thatís an improvement.
I will be adding new sections as they are developed over the next few days.

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